About the Abstract7

The “Abstract 7” has a core group of 5 members who invite others to join them, for the larger venues. All involved favour the modernist's approach and a philosophy of  abstraction that echoes the appreciation of the New York abstract expressionists.


 The common ground amongst the group is the premise that subject matter carries less importance than feeling. Music is often cited as a catalyst, as are dance and colour, thoughts glimpsed out of context. Choice and manipulation of materials are important along with a certain amount of introspection and  hard-won intuition gained through much experience, leading to a confident sense of balance.



For this group abstraction is a means of 

enlightenment, a kind of magic that reveals images of inner feelings beyond thought or mind. The work is not to be reasoned with or necessarily understood. It is to be experienced and meditated upon, to be discovered as one might discover light filtering through the leaves or reflections on water. The quality of it is the freedom of thought that it offers to both the artist and the viewer, so that exploring a piece of art is a pure unadulterated relationship between the viewer and the work.