Christine Allen


'Abstraction is a result of having the confidence that whatever is inside you will come out on canvas'  


I begin painting, mostly in acrylics and sometimes powder pigments layering textures and coloured glazes, and then build in oils. I seldom work with any preconceived idea of a finished piece, preferring a freedom to intuitively explore form, colour and composition to create harmony and balance, allowing the materials and processes to reveal something that communicates a visual narrative with the observer.

In many of my paintings I am exploring the meeting of edges, between land and sea / sky and my connection to this world that I live in. I love the feeling of tension that can be created by the positioning of blocks of colour often textured, with veils of paint washed over, relating to the more transient elements of the environment. 


Painting to me is a deep emotional response to 'being there' in the landscape, an essential part of my existence'


Christine Allen 2015


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