The Abstract 7

In the work of the abstract artists shown in this exhibition, there is a sense of freedom, which would probably be lost if the artist had to keep an eye on the “subject”

Compositional unity and balance are present, also the ability to create visual images and symbols on a flat surface, with the sculpture, their simplicity shows the ability to pare down to the essentials of form. 

Artists have benefited by exposure to American Expressionism whether figurative or abstract, by the release of copying from  nature, and the freedom to develop their own material from the visual scene or indeed from their own imagination.

The variety in this exhibition is proof of the inner integrity and exciting results of these seven artists.


Rose Hilton


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I'm really pleased that I was asked to write an introduction to this "Abstract 7" show. The work looks good , varied and challenging and as an abstract painter myself I know how hard it is to make a work of art with feeling, truth, honesty and real ! The great American artist Donald Judd said " Representation is a kind of noise that gets in the way. All I ask is that art go somewhere be something new be its own self!" Peter Lanyon used to take my Dad out in to the Penwith landscape and make him roll around in it and feel the land and look up at the sky and take it all in. Then they would go back to their studios and try to paint those feelings, emotions, sensations, which is what I feel you get here with this group of seven. When explaining abstract art I always compare it to the sensations you get when listening to music. As Ruskin said " All art constantly aspires to the condition of music". And Brice Marden another great American artist said " what's there is what's there and that's another kind of complexity". So look, feel, digest, listen and enjoy the language these 7 Abstract artists are using ! Gabba Gabba Hey.


Anthony Frost.

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