We are at the Penwith again 13th April - 10 May 2019.

It was lovely to see you at the Private View.

'Abstract7' at Chapel Arts in Cheltenham.

16 May to 9 June 2018.

Ready packed for Cheltenham. Mark Verry is coming with us this time.

Paul Jackson
We are delighted to be joined by Paul Jackson who is a well known potter from Helland Bridge near Bodmin.
Frank Phelan
We are delighted that Frank Phelan, who shows with Messums in London, will be joining us in October 2017 for an exhibition at the Penwith Gallery.

some photagraphs from this show which was very much enjoyed.


Here are a few of the photos taken on the Private view night with huge and grateful thanks to the photographers: Leo Walker, Karen McEndoo and Tom Leaper. Leo thought the opening was like the 70s when he was a child visiting his fathers shows.






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    The Abstract7 at the first show