Hewitt’s paintings, abstract acrylics on canvas, exude zest and vivacity. Bright colours mesh, merge and move, as if in a dance or somehow to represent the sounds of music. They’re immediately compelling, the antidote to the greyest of days, and yet as much as they’re bold and confident, they possess a subtlety, something hard to define, but which again reminds me of music – of, say, a minor chord played softly in a jazz ballad. 

“Absolutely,” says Hewitt. “I couldn’t be without music. It informs my work and influences everything I do. When I’m listening to music I get completely absorbed and disappear into it.

If art and music go together when Hewitt picks up a paint brush, poetry is not far behind. He has created work based on poems by John Clare and Jack Clemo while a show ‘ Play It Loud – A song of Wandering ‘ at the Crypt Gallery in St Ives, was anchored in the poetry of W B Yeats. “I love Yeats’ cyclic vision of life, of the way he harnesses the circle, which is such a primeval shape,”


Alex Wade

Arts Editor Cornwall Today



Sean Hewitt spent almost all his childhood on the island of Cyprus and in countries across the Middle East region.  This imbued him with a lifelong love of colour, particularly the glorious sunshine yellows and azure iridescent blues of the Mediterranean landscape.  This exciting contrast of hot and cool colour is reflected in his work: sensuous, sweeping shapes are punctuated with energetic vibrant colours which dominate the moods and emotions in his paintings.


Sean is an Academician with the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts; a Network Artist with the RWA; as well as being a member of the Plymouth Society of Artists, St Ives Society of Artists and  associate member of Penwith Society.


Sean exhibits widely in the south-west and London.  His work is in private collections in England, The Netherlands , Ireland , Wales and the USA.

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