Sue Davis

I have been regenerating my old work into new, images which deny the formal edge of a two-dimensional picture. Following the notions posed in my book 'Abstraction Unbound', many of the works are interactive. They can be turned, adjusted and rearranged.


Visual awareness is important but it is the dessicated fragments of light when it touches a surface - translucent, moving or static that is of interest, not how it forms an object. To think in this detached way opens new vistas of speculation and this is the reason I work experimentally with mixed media. The outcome of different materials can be unexpected and unpredictable. Experience with this manipulation, coupled with ones sensitivity which is gained over time, enables balanced decisions about the images.


web Budding crust 3.jpg
web Budding Crust 2.jpg
web Budding crust 1.jpg
wenb corner contour.jpg